JB Aviation pilotsí service has demonstrated excellence in dependability and professionalism. I would highly recommend JB Aviation to anyone who is looking for a reliable pilot.

Mario Costa

New Age Fabricating Company, Inc.

My family and I use JB Aviation for all of our aviation needs. They provide professional, courteous pilots to take my family back and forth to our vacation home in Maine and to other destinations. They picked up my new airplane at the factory and since then have arranged for the regular maintenance of my airplane and regularly update the avionics databases and my paper Jepp charts. They arrange for everything from the cleaning of the aircraft to arranging charters when I need a larger, faster aircraft. In addition, they provide me with flight instruction to help me keep my IFR currency and help me establish my own personal minimums. Overall, I am very satisfied with the professional service JB Aviation provides me. They make owning and operating my aircraft easier and safer. Best of all, they provide my family and me with piece of mind when I need someone else to transport my family or when I am tired on a Friday night after a long day of work and want another experienced pilot to fly with me.

Rob Leary

Cirrus SR22 GTS Owner

JB Aviation pilotsí service is like having a co-pilot on every flight. I know that my maintenance is up to date, I know there is somebody available 24/7 when a problem crops up, and I know that a highly qualified pilot is only a phone call away.

Doug Liman

Film Director and Mooney Owner

I have utilized JB Aviation's pilot services many times and am impressed with the professionalism, promptness, and care that I received. I highly recommend them.

Dave Martin

Business Owner

As AirShares Elite continues to expand their fleet of fractional aircraft in the New York market, the demand for safe and reliable training services grows. This includes initial training, recurrent training, biannual flight reviews and proficiency training. This is where the professionals at JB Aviation have made a huge contribution to the continued reliable services that we here at AirShares Elite are known for.

The professionalism and pride of JB Aviation can be seen within their pilot ranks. With safety in mind, the professionals at JB Aviation continue to offer a safe and reliable service.

AirShares Elite is proud to recommend the services of JB Aviation.

Kevin Price

Regional Director
AirShares Elite

Over the past year or so, JB aviation has assisted me with the management of my Cirrus SR22 aircraft. I have found them to be an excellent organization and a real help. They have provided me with aircraft positioning services and recommendations and maintenance management and advice. They have interfaced with service facilities on my behalf and have done an excellent job in this regard. They thoroughly understand the aircraft and aircraft ownership issues and operate with high degree of timeliness, integrity, economic and efficient. I would highly recommend their services.

Don Rice

SR22 owner and pilot

I fell in love with flying and purchased a Cirrus SR-22 immediately after earning my private pilot's license. To make the most of the SR-22's capabilities, and to handle a much more complex aircraft than that which I had trained in, both my flight school and my Cirrus representative recommended that I hire JB Aviation to work on my proficiency and train for an instrument license. I took their advice and it was one of the best flying decisions I have ever made. I selected JB Aviation not only because of their Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots, but also because of their more than thousand hours of training experience in the Cirrus. Under JB Aviation direction, I earned my instrument license in almost no time, and received complements from my examiner on my training and preparedness. JB Aviation has excellent pilots, but more importantly, the company places safety and preparation above all else. I wholeheartedly endorse JB Aviation for anyone requiring pilot services. I continue to use JB Aviation for recurrent training and mentoring pilot services, and recommend others to do the same.

Robert McCreary

Cirrus SR-22 GTS Owner